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I like open source software. Particularly, when it’s FREE open source software. I write code. I contribute.

  • Kubernetes
  • Kubicorn
  • Kubeadm
  • Terraform
  • Go
  • FreeBSD
  • Linux
  • Docker

I love contributing

I write a lot of software, and I give it all away for free.

To most people this seems insane, but to me this is a lifestyle.


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In an effort to help solve the Kubernetes infrastructure problem Kris created kubicorn in her spare time. More information can be found in the official GitHub repository or on the official docs site. She hopes to introduce the idea that infrastructure can be solved using clever cloud native software, and also hopes she can demonstrate techniques on how to build a healthy open source community.

She has a few tutorials on getting Kubernetes up and running with kubicorn that can be found here.

The project is intentionally built and hosted outside of the Kubernetes public space, in order to demonstrate that anyone can work on Kubernetes projects wherever they would like.





Cloud Native Infrastructure

Kris Nova co authored a book with Justin Garrison called Cloud Native Infrastructure.

The book looks at many of the lessons Kris and Justin both have learned over their careers at solving DevOps and Infrastructure related problems in the field. Kris has given many presentations on the manner, and continues to speak for the idea that infrastructure should now be encapsulated as software.

The book is available for sale and more information can be found on cnibook.info.