Available Spring 2022

I am currently working on the book. I live stream most of the writing process on twitch. As the book nears completion, dates will be announced here and by signing up below.

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This is an independently published book about modeling the tech industry.

Learn how to model computers, humans, money, and their subsequent relationships for your personal gain.

Written For Less Privileged Technologists

This book is relevant for anyone in tech. However, it is specifically designed to give less privileged technologists (LGBTQ, People of Color, Women, Non-binary, Gender minorities, Neurodivergent, etc…) a set of tools in aiding their ability to exploit a fundamentally broken system.

This book is for anyone that has experienced that money has limited them, held them back, or denied access to their future.

Learn how the privileged at the top think about the industry, so you can outsmart them.

I am writing this book from my perspective. In my eyes, I view myself as a successful transgender hacker.

This book is a “Day 2” overview of the tech industry, focusing on exploitation for profit. This book will not teach you how to enter the tech industry, but it will teach you the critical skills required to move from an entry-level position to a lucrative top-level position.

Written by Kris Nóva | 978-1-68489-565-6

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