Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Technical Oversight Committee (ToC) Nomination

Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Technical Oversight Committee (ToC) Nomination

I believe in open source more than I could say in words. I am lucky enough to work at Sysdig where I am in charge of our open source efforts, and have full support to lead and contribute to open source governance.

The concept of sharing, and being transparent not only has changed my life, but has also impacted those around me. Below you can find a small bit of text I put together for my nomination to the ToC with the CNCF.

I believe it is important to not build open source tooling, but to build open governance and open community. I wear this philosophy every day in everything I do. Decisions made in the public, are fundamentally more healthy and more productive. Period.

I hope you enjoy reading about my submission to be a ToC member, and I hope you consider me for this position. I believe I have the energy and resources to make myself successful at driving transparency and healthy process with the CNCF’s technical decisions.


Now, my submission to the CNCF Governing Board for a position on the ToC:



Kris Nóva has been working directly with CNCF related open source projects since her first involvement with Kubernetes in 2016. She has worked directly with CNCF projects Kubernetes, Helm, and now Falco. Kris believes that there is a difference between having an open source license, and building an inclusive community where decisions are made in the open. She has actively implemented measures to make this happen throughout the cloud native ecosystem.


Supporting Statement


Furthermore, Kris has also contributed to many non-CNCF open source projects, such as Terraform, Docker, FreeBSD, and Go. Having this diverse experience has given her insight into contributing, maintaining, and evaluating healthy open source efforts. She believes making decisions in the open is a crucial part of building effective tooling.


Over her career, Kris has learned the importance of building clean, concise, hygienic software as well as the communities that support it. This is particularly relevant with her professional career, where she has experienced balancing a project’s health with revenue-driven employment. She understands that the health of a project is the highest priority, and that vendor independence is critical for a successful open source project.


Recently, Kris has taken on a leadership role professionally, and she is interested in tackling an open source leadership role as well. A seat on the CNCF ToC is precisely what she feels she would succeed at. In December 2019, she was directly involved in the process to move Falco to incubation. Through this experience, she has developed insight and opinions that would reduce friction in the process, which she would be passionate about driving if voted in. 


Open source can be chaotic. We need structure, vendor independence, and empathy both for vendors as well as end users. Kris Nóva would be honored to have an opportunity to bring this to the CNCF.


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