Kubecon – Copenhagen 2018 – Office Hours

Kubecon – Copenhagen 2018 – Office Hours

Hey Everyone,


Me again.


Okay so I am on the plane and heading to Kubecon. I haven’t updated this blog in a while so I figured it was time for a good post. Also I have been thinking about engineering a solution to a problem I have had at Kubecon in the past.


Problem Statement

I am beyond busy at Kubecon, and rarely get enough time to spend with the folks I would like to.

Proposed Solution

I was thinking about setting up an office hours situation at Kubecon where folks could come and get some time to talk about whatever they want.

I have had folks come out as transgender, or homosexual to me at tech conferences. I have had folks want to talk about family, their career, advice on writing a book. Help with installing Kubernetes. Advice on CI/CD systems. Questions about their company. The list goes on and on!

To be clear I very much enjoyed all of these personal encounters. I think about them all the time, and still routinely talk to most of these people.

I was sad that I didn’t get more time with some folks as I was running around like a mad woman. So I wanted to be a little more structured this time.

So I am going to try to use calendly to help me stay organized at the conference and to book some time with people.


Here is how it works:

  1. Book time with me at the conference
  2. I find a small confidential corner of the conference for us to hang out at.
  3. I let you know via email where to meet me.
  4. We meet up and can talk about literally anything. This is your time ❤️
  5. I will stay as long as I can – so long as nobody else is waiting.
  6. Thats it.

You can book time with me here






Does this mean this is all I get?


This is just a way to keep things structured, normal conference chaos rules still apply – I just give the folks who book time priority.


Can we really talk about anything?

100% yes. We can take selfies, bitch about tech, whatever.


How will I find you?

I will send you an email (you give me your email address when you sign up) that tells you what to do. Don’t worry if something happens or you can’t find me – we will re-schedule and make it work.


What if I can’t find you?

Don’t worry if something happens or you can’t find me – we will re-schedule and make it work.


Can I pick the place?

Yep – just let me know in the email! We can get food, booze, coffee, ice cream – whatever.


You can book time with me here



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