Meanwhile, in the kubicorn repository…

Meanwhile, in the kubicorn repository…

Okay – wow – it’s been a long time since I have blogged here…


❤️ Hi everyone! I missed you! ❤️



So due to some unforeseen circumstance in the past ~year or so… I was unable to continue contributing to my pride and joy Kubicorn! It’s been a real bummer, but I am glad to say that those days are officially behind me!


The good news? I am back! And we are working hard on making kubicorn even more amazing!


So without further delay, let’s start looking into what I wanted to update everyone about kubicorn.





What is kubicorn?

Kubicorn is a Kubernetes infrastructure management tool!

kubicorn attempts to solve managing kubernetes based infrastructure in a cloud native way. The project is supported by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)  and attempts to offer a few things unique to cloud native infrastructure:

  1. Modular components
  2. Vendorable library in Go
  3. A guarantee-less framework that is flexible and scalable
  4. A solid way to bootstrap and manage your infrastructure
  5. Software to manage infrastructure


These patterns are fundamental to understanding cloud native technologies, and (in my opinion) are the future of infrastructure management!

How do I know this? I literally wrote the book on it

TLDR; It’s a badass command line tool that goes from 0to kubernetes in just a few moments.


What’s new in kubicorn?

We have officially adopted the Kubernetes cluster API

The cluster API is an official working group in the Kubernetes community.

The pattern dictates that while bootstrapping a cluster, kubicorn will first create the Kubernetes control plane.

Then kubicorn will define the control plane itself, as well as the machines that will serve as the nodes (workhorses) of the Kubernetes cluster.

Finally, kubicornwill install a controller that will realize the machines defined in the previous step.

This allows for arbitrary clients to adjust the machine definition, without having to care how kubicorn will autoscale their cluster.


Autoscaling infrastructure, the kubernetes way!

So this is an official working group of Kubernetes, and more information can be found here!

We are currently working on building out this framework, and if you think it is a good idea (like we do) feel free to get involved.

We have a dope website

So many thanks to Ellen for her hard work in building out our fabulous site. If you would like to contribute please let us know!

We have moved to our own GitHub organization

Despite my attempts to keep the project as one of my pets, it’s just gotten too big. It has now moved to it’s own organization. We would love for YOU to get involved. Just open up an issue or contact Kris Nova if you would like to join.

We are just now starting on the controller

Writing the infrastructure controller is probably the most exciting thing to happen to the project yet.

We literally JUST started the repository. Get in now, while the getting is good!

We need help with the Dockerfile, with the idea behind the controller, and even with the code to make it so. If you wan’t to get involved, now is your chance!

We want your help


Our lead maintainer Marko started out as someone on the internet just like you. He is now a super admin of the project, and is a rock star at keeping up with the day-to-day work of kubicorn.

We would love to help you become a cloud native badass if you would like to contribute. Please join the slack channel and start talking to us.









And of course as always…


Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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