professional computer adult

kris nóva is a professional business adult who works on important computers. she is an international internet celebrity who does significant computer boops. she is world-famous for her work on kubernetes, linux, and infrastructure. she is a successful grown-up hacker, and specializes in cybersecurity in distributed computing environments.

the linux foundation

kris nóva contributes to and maintains several linux foundation based projects, and is an ambassador for the cloud native computing foundation


nóva has been working professionally since 2011, below find some of her notable contributions


she began her career in 2013 working as a systems administrator in denver, colorado.


in 2015 she transitioned to her first software engineering role. in 2015 she began a gender transition from male to female.


in 2016 nóva began contributing to kubernetes for her full time job, and has been an active maintainer of the project ever since. for fun nóva climbs technical high elevation mountains, and prefers solo climbing on exposed glaciated and granite peaks.


in 2017 she was the first woman to winter solo mount adams, the 2nd highest peak in washington.

in 2017 nóva co-authored cloud native infrastructure with justin garrison.

in 2017 nóva proposed the kubernetes cluster api project


in 2018 nóva became an ambassador of the cloud native computing foundation a subsidary of the linux foundation


nóva has given many professional computer business presentations, and is most fond of her work at fosdem


in 2020 nóva became a maintainer of the falco runtime security tool.


in 2021 nóva began live streaming on twitch where she streams about kubernetes, linux, security, go, rust, c, c++

view her live streams here or on twitch at @krisnova

in 2021 nóva proposed the DOSi (distributed operating system interface)


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